May 2016 | by Seven Skies

The Elephant Gathering at Sri Lanka's Minneriya National Park

Between July and September each year, Minneriya National Park in north central Sri Lanka is home to a special wildlife event: The Elephant Gathering.

Sri Lanka is home to an estimate 7000 wild Asian elephants. During the dry season, water in lakes and reservoirs across the North Central Province of Sri Lanka dries up, however the man-made tank at Minneriya never runs dry. So as levels at other water holes dwindle, hundreds of elephants travel to Minneriya’s ancient reservoir to drink, bathe, graze and socialise.

Our Seven Skies Sri Lanka experience takes you from the stunning heights of Sigiriya Rock to Minneriya’s expansive plains. In your private jeep and the company of an expert naturalist guide, you’ll get up close and personal with these incredible beasts. And as the sun sets over the nearby mountains and the air begins to cool, you’ll savour the incredible sight of huge herds of elephants bathing and frolicking - truly an experience you’ll never forget.

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