September 2014 | by Clare Turner

The ultimate in luxury trekking in Sri Lanka's tea country

Located in a beautiful and fascinating area of Sri Lanka’s southern hill country, Adam’s Peak has sparked the imagination for centuries. Sri Lanka’s holiest mountain and a site of pilgrimage for over a thousand years, it is here that we have created the ultimate luxury trekking experience of this lofty peak. A string of lights snake up the mountainside lighting your way. The first rays of dawn light up the mountain and valleys below. You are on the roof of Sri Lanka. Toll the bell and your climb is complete. Your lavish tea country bungalow awaits.

Adam’s Peak, or Sri Prada, is known as the place where Buddha left his Sacred Footprint as he headed towards paradise. Rising to 2,243 meters, the peak pokes up from the southwestern edge of Sri Lanka’s hill country. The soaring summit is as beautiful as it is enigmatic – towering over the hills and at dawn casting the perfect shadow below. The ascent of Adam’s Peak is traditionally made by night, allowing you to reach the top in time for dawn. Most visitors climb the mountain during the pilgrimage season, which starts on the Duruthu poya day in December or January and continues until the Vesak poya in May. During the season the weather on the mountain is at its best. As beautiful as the dawn is, Adam’s Peak saves its best moment for a few minutes after dawn when the sun casts a perfect shadow of the peak onto the misty clouds down towards the coast. As the sun rises higher this eerie triangular shadow races back towards the peak, eventually disappearing into its base.

Taking between 3-4 hours, enjoy regular breaks along the way before you arrive at the summit for sunrise. Toll the bell to signify the completion of your climb and take in sweeping views across Sri Lanka’s hill country. Descending back to Dalhousie for refreshments, your private transfer soon has you back at Ceylon Tea Trails and your luxury bungalow for the night. Surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens enjoy an open fireplace, lavish bathrooms and indulgent furnishings. Traditional high teas and fine dining round out the perfect Sri Lanka tea country experience. Relax and enjoy – your four course dinner tonight at your luxury bungalow awaits.

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