February 2019 | by Seven Skies

Why Central America is perfect for green season travel

Want to know the secret to less crowded and more wondrous, adventurous travel in Central America? Go in green season!

Central America’s warm and sunny dry season, from late November into April, corresponds perfectly with many countries’ winter holidays and school breaks. But as visitors from all over the world are attracted, it can also mean higher prices, more crowded attractions, and making reservations well in advance.

The rainy season—popularly known as green season—turns all of that around. The months of May to mid-November undoubtedly bring more rain (often in short afternoon showers). But they also offer big benefits for savvy travelers who love lush vegetation, abundant wildlife, and adventure.

Here are some benefits to travelling to Central America during green season:

  • Fewer crowds - Enjoy that “I have this incredible place all to myself!” feeling as you relax and reflect surrounded by nature instead of crowds.
  • Nature celebrates - Central America explodes with abundant flowers, plants, birds, and wildlife in green season, nurtured by the regular showers. It’s a verdant feast for the senses, including the taste buds, as this is also when many delicious tropical fruits and vegetables come into season.
  • Adrenaline and adventure - Rivers run high and fast in the rainy season, pumping up both the rapids and the adrenaline on white water rafting and kayaking adventures. Waterfalls plunge more dramatically, rainforests thrive, and Mayan ruins somehow seem all the more mystical.
  • Marine wonders - July to December marks the high season for turtle nesting in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where “arribadas” bring tens of thousands of turtles ashore to lay their eggs. It’s also peak time to spot magnificent humpback whales off Costa Rica’s southern coastline.

So if words like adventure, nature and uncrowded describe your perfect vacation, green season is the ideal time to experience Central America.

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