January 2017

Robb Report

“For those who have “been there, done that”, a new breed of luxury travel agent is curating bespoke trips offering unparalleled experiences”

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December 2015

Signature Luxury Travel & Style

“Zodiacs and super jeeps give you access to spectacular landscapes and unexpected experiences….With Seven Skies, you’ll be able to step into the heart of Iceland’s newest attraction.”

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October 2015


“Immerse yourself in ancient cultural traditions at a Tshechu festival on a new Bhutan tour with Seven Skies…”

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November 2014

CEO Magazine

“Among the most intimate company for Asian experiences is Seven Skies, whose name alone evokes an aura of ethereal escape.”

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November 2013

Prokom-Das Produktkulturmagazin

“…Travel on foot, by bike and hot-air balloon on a journey to happiness in Bhutan…”

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March 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

“… the view is mesmerizing. Fingers of mist creep up the mountain while an undulating cloud-covered blanket of hills and valleys stretches out to the horizon…”

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December 2012


“…Wedding hand-picks the best local guides and it’s one of the reasons this tour works so well. Of course, staying in the most luxurious accommodation available doesn’t hurt…”

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August 2012 | Winter Edition


“…Seven Skies delivers a beguiling combination of bespoke adventures and five-star luxury on its boutique tours.”

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July 2012

Vogue Living

“The schedule for flights to Colombo often mean that you arrive and leave in the middle of the night. This gives the illusion that Sri Lanka’s lush and sensual beauty might only be a dream. I have pinched myself but, still, I’m not convinced that it was real. I’ll have to go back again soon and find out.”

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April 2011


“… they make you feel pampered as soon as you pull up your kayaks… being greeted by staff with refreshing ice cold towels and tropical welcome drinks…”

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December 2010

Harper's Bazaar

“… making the pilgrimage to historic Adam’s Peak and trekking the Ceylon tea trails, all the while staying in restored manors, Raj-era bungalows and the luxe Amangalla in Galle. This is our kind of adventure tourism: five star all the way, a bit of a workout and incredible Sri Lankan cuisine.”

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