Stunning Landscapes


Experience rugged beauty and wondrous adventure in remote Mongolia. Astonishing wilderness, awe-inspiring landscapes, incredible experiences.

  • Marvel at desert landscapes and magnificent rock formations
  • Camp in remote locations in luxurious style
  • Enjoy warm hospitality as you experience nomadic lifestyle
  • Trek across wildflower meadows, accompanied by camel caravan

Ancient Festivals


Discover an ancient, mountainous kingdom undisturbed by time, in a land that could be mistaken as folklore - and we won’t skip a luxurious beat.

  • Immerse in local culture during an ancient festival
  • Discover Bhutan’s historic temples by bicycle
  • Explore pristine forests and fabled fortresses
  • Luxury overnight trek to a monastery

Costa Rica

Explore a paradise of ancient rainforests, looming volcanoes, tropical beaches and exotic wildlife - breathtaking natural experiences, secluded hideaways.


Travel back in time to a land of ancient traditions, gilded pagodas and picturesque landscapes. From the sacred stupas of Bagan to the floating villages of Inle Lake, experience this fascinating land in luxurious style.

Sri Lanka

Succumb to an exotic blend of tastes and aromas, ever-changing verdant landscapes and the ultimate in luxury lodgings - paradise.


Escape to an island paradise teeming with lush rainforests, tropical archipelagos and astonishing wildlife - an exotic playground, in the lap of luxury.


A place unlike any other, be entranced by dramatic landscapes, glamorous hideaways and a kaleidoscope of exotic cultures - a paradise for
the senses.


Discover a place of breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, vibrant culture and colourful traditions - unique and majestic experiences accentuated by luxurious lodgings.


Lose yourself to a world of charming, verve-filled cities, idyllic scenery and a stylish collection of exclusive retreats - a hidden gem in the heart of Europe.


Discover a beguiling blend of lush tropical valleys, sparkling rivers, exquisite temples, and remote hidden villages - extraordinary experiences by day, tranquil hideaways by night.


Escape to a land of exquisite natural beauty and spectacular settings, infused with a dose of Icelandic chic - a wilderness wonderland.


Arouse your senses at Angkor’s ancient temples and the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake. Invigorating natural and cultural experiences, luxurious tranquil retreats.

Ladakh, India

Discover the dramatic landscapes, rustic and unexplored tribal villages and colourful culture of exotic Ladakh at Chamba Camp - exclusive canvas luxury.


Be entranced by the heady blend of Halong Bay’s beauty, Sapa’s majestic mountains and Saigon’s rich history - exquisite experiences, accentuated
by luxury.

Jungles & Wildlife, Borneo

Uncover the natural beauty of Borneo, exploring ancient rainforests and tranquil rivers in search of a spectacular array of wildlife - wilderness, tranquility, luxury.

Druk Path Trek, Bhutan

Trek through the pages of this picture-book landscape of bucolic forests, sparkling high-altitude lakes and dramatic Himalayan peaks – natural wonders, accentuated by our deluxe mobile camp.

Jhomolhari Trek, Bhutan

The spectacular remote mountain passes, stunning valleys and tranquil rivers of the Jhomolhari Trek paint one of Bhutan’s prettiest pictures.

Patagonia - Coming Soon!

Experience a unique natural beauty, from glistening fjords and luminous-blue icebergs to vast steppes and towering granite peaks. An adventurer’s paradise.

Argentina - Coming Soon!

Discover a land filled with natural wonders, vast, awe-inspiring landscapes, a vibrant and passionate culture, and an amazing array of wildlife. Unforgettable sights and adventure await.

Special event experiences

Special occasions made even more memorable celebrated in an exotic destination in luxurious style. Whether a private or group affair, we can handcraft the celebration of a lifetime.