How do you work?

Our itineraries are suggestions. A place to start your planning and to give you a flavour of the extraordinary natural, cultural and active experiences you can enjoy. All our itineraries are handcrafted together with you to create your personalised and unique private journey. The places you want to see and stay, the experiences you want to enjoy, the time you want to travel. All you need to do is to contact us to start the conversation. Ask for a suggested itinerary by email, request a complimentary trip planning consultation, request for us to call you, or enquire about your private journey.

What is active and experiential travel?

All of our journeys include active experiences such as cycling, trekking, kayaking, hot air ballooning, snorkelling and horse riding. In addition to this our journeys include a variety of cultural, food and wine, natural and wildlife experiences.

Can I choose my own departure date?

Yes, your departure date is completely up to you and all of our journeys can depart at anytime throughout the year. We will handcraft your journey with you to suit the time you want to travel and the amount of time you wish to be away. Please contact us for more information about what to expect at the time you wish to travel.

What does a private journey mean?

Just you, your chauffeur and a handpicked Seven Skies resident expert who will travel exclusively with you for the duration of your trip, using local personnel and their own experiences to guide you on a journey that simply wouldn’t be possible any other way.

Can I customise my experience?

Absolutely. All our experiences are customised to suit your needs, preferences and interests.

I am considering one of your experiences. What's next?

All you need to do is to contact us to start the conversation. Ask for a suggested itinerary by email, request a complimentary trip planning consultation, request for us to call you, or enquire about your private journey. To find out more about a specific experience or to answer any questions you have, please email us at travel@sevenskies.com or call us in our Brisbane, Australia office during business hours on +61 7 3901 0502.

Some of the experiences are active. How fit do I have to be?

Apart from the climb to Mount Kinabalu in Borneo (which requires a good level of fitness) all of our active experiences are gentle and designed to be enjoyed by everyone. If you do have any concerns though, just let us know - we can customise your experience to suit you.

How have you crafted each experience you offer?

Each aspect of our experiences is handpicked and painstakingly road-tested. Every detail has been scrutinised to ensure your experience is exceptional, from the rooms to the guides to the restaurants. Our uncompromising attention to detail ensures you will get the best of the best.

Why have you chosen the destinations you have?

We have selected each of our destinations because we believe them to be truly extraordinary. Each destination offers the best of the best, from undisturbed cultures and jaw-dropping landscapes to astonishing wildlife and incredible people… and of course the ultimate in luxury.

When I am on the ground, are the itineraries flexible?

Because you will be travelling in your own private group, we have the ultimate flexibility to be able to change the order of the itinerary in a day depending on your interests, spend a little longer somewhere or enjoy impromptu experiences. In a lot of ways our experiences are like travelling independently but with us taking care of everything.

Do you cater for larger groups?

Absolutely. We can easily customise your experience if you have a larger group size.

Is my journey fully inclusive?

Each journey is fully inclusive except for some meals, drinks and airfares. Where a meal is not included we will recommend our favourite restaurants and organise your reservation for you.

Do you cater for individual travellers?


Who will be guiding me?

Your experience will be guided by one of our handpicked expert local guides.

What do you mean by luxury accommodation?

We have handpicked the ultimate in luxury accommodation. The properties that we have selected have all been personally road-tested by us - we have stayed in each one and have experienced everything first hand. We have selected them because they are stylish, have a ‘wow’ factor, provide warm and personalised service and offer the very best regional cuisine.

Where will I be staying in remote locations?

We can offer the ultimate in luxury accommodation in most remote locations, however there are some places that you simply must see despite their lack of five-star hotels. In these locations we’ve selected properties that offer the best experience of the area.

Who will I be dealing with once I make a booking?

We offer a very personalised and attentive level of service. From the time of your first enquiry until the time you return home you will have one point of contact - either Seven Skies’ founder, Nathan Wedding, or Clare Turner.

Will there be plenty of time to rest and relax?

We have carefully selected only the very best natural, cultural and active experiences on offer in each destination so that you will have plenty of time to rest and relax. We have also incorporated a day at leisure in some of our itineraries where we think it is needed. If you would prefer to build in more leisure time, just let us know - our trips are entirely customisable to suit your needs.

Can my children come?

We think all of our experiences are perfectly suited to families travelling together and offer special memories for children to take away. Our guests are often families and so we are used to customising our activities and experiences to suit childrens’ needs and interests.

Can you help with airfares?

Absolutely. Once you book your experience, we will send you information on which flights you need to book for the journey.

Can I upgrade my room categories if I want?

Absolutely. We have selected some of the best available rooms in the properties where you will be staying. If you prefer a higher room category we can very easily arrange your journey in this way.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We like to encourage our guests to book as far in advance as possible. This is because a number of the properties we use are small and exclusive hotels with a limited number of rooms.

Can I book online?

Because we offer a very personalised level of service and all our itineraries are handcrafted together with you to create your personalised and unique private journey, we don’t offer online booking. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch to discuss the experience you’re interested in.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we will require a deposit when you book your experience.

After I book my experience, what's next?

Once you book your experience we will send you a detailed itinerary and a guest pack with everything that you will need to know.

Can I join two experiences together?

Absolutely. A number of our experiences work well together as companion trips. We are happy to suggest a suitable companion trip and organise your journey in this way. For more information please contact us.

When is the best time of year to travel?

You can travel to all of our destinations year round. The weather and peak travel periods vary for each of our destinations and some of our destinations also offer special experiences at particular times of the year. Please contact us for more information about what you can expect at the time you wish to travel.

Want to find out more?

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